Tremors - ITV4

Handymen Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward are in the Nevada desert where, just beneath the surface, monstrous worms with big teeth are lurking. Attracted by the slightest noise, the monsters make short work of any humans unfortunate enough to cross their path. So unlikely heroes Bacon and Ward, along with Finn Carter and trigger-happy survivalists Reba McEntire and Michael Gross, have to tackle the menace as best they can...

The kind of film in which someone declares, 'Remember, no vibrations,' only to be followed by a shot of a kid on a pogo stick, this rollicking B-movie thriller - which plays like a land-locked Jaws with added wisecracks - is a great blend of fast action, quirky comedy and off-the-Richter scale fun.

And Bacon and Ward’s bantering, bickering double act at the centre of it all is an absolute hoot.