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Tyler is sentenced

(Image credit: Heath McKinley Photographer)

The police catch up with Tyler and Piper

Piper is hanging onto a building by her fingertips. Tyler can't reach her and just as she's about to fall off the roof, the police arrive, save Piper and arrest Tyler. Tyler is thrown into prison and, when Toadie arrives, he tells Tyler he has no choice but to plead guilty. Tyler follows Toadie's advice - but what will his sentence be?

Meanwhile, Izzy is fine after her accident and arrives on Ramsay Street to visit Karl and Susan. Susan is highly suspicious of Izzy's visit and her suspicions grow even further when Izzy talks about her large inheritance from her recently deceased husband…

Also, Paige and Jack are racked with guilt after sleeping together and decide they both need to tell Mark and Steph the truth. How will Mark and Steph react to being betrayed by their partners?