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Valerie reconnects with Ashley

(Image credit: BBC)

Will Valerie follow her heart?

Valerie starts the day by apologising to Ben for boasting about the PPG meeting. She explains that seeing her ex, Ashley, had a significant impact on her and Ayesha interrupts them and tells Valerie she is taking her out to help her move on from Ashley. Valerie reluctantly agrees. However, Valerie’s world is turned upside down when Ashley walks into The Mill asking to see a doctor.

When Valerie spots Ashley, she runs to the toilet to touch up her hair and make up and Ashley is left mesmerised. Ashley finally sees Daniel and it is clear that Ashley didn't need to see a doctor, but just a pharmacist. After the appointment, Ashley finally reveals why he really came to The Mill, he wants to take Valerie to lunch. Valerie says yes and sparks fly between the pair, but what about Ashley's wife?

Ben and Ayesha ask Al how is mum is feeling after being swindled by the window company. Al reveals that things are worse than what he thought but tells them both he has a plan. What exactly is Al up to?

Meanwhile, Heston is trying to keep the party a surprise - but will he be the one to let the cat out of the bag?