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Vanessa's DNA test reveals too much! (VIDEO)

In a spin since Adam dropped the bombshell he may be the father of Vanessa’s baby, Moira is on a mission. After telling Cain what’s happened, she visits the pregnant vet and threatens to tell her boyfriend, Kirin, the truth about her one-night stand with Adam – or she will. In a panic, Vanessa arranges a private DNA test with Adam while Kirin is at college. The thinking is, if it’s Kirin’s baby then she doesn’t have to tell him a thing. But the plan goes pearshaped when Kirin comes home unexpectedly…

Jai has got Rachel just where he wants her with his plan to take Archie off her. Telling the police she assaulted Rishi, he couldn’t have asked for a better result when Rachel loses her rag with the detectives and ends up getting arrested!

When Alicia hears Paul wants the move to Portugal bought forward she has no idea how she’s going to break it to her sister Leyla. Elsewhere, Bernice pretends she’s got a new boyfriend so she hang out with Andy, who’s worried it’s a date.