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Warren tries to help Freddie

Jamie Lomas plays Warren Fox in Hollyoaks

Warren offers to help Freddie, but is he wise to trust him?

Joe thinks Mercedes is cheating on him, while he’s struggling to save the garage from repossession. Freddie arrives at the garage with an old VW Camper that he thinks they can do up and make a profit on, until they realise it doesn’t have an engine. Meanwhile, Freddie meets Warren who offers to get hold of an engine but Warren steals the one from Dirk’s van.

Elsewhere, Joe finds some suspicious texts from Diego on Mercedes’s phone and punches Diego when he sees him handing her a bunch of flowers. Diego tells Joe the truth about Maria’s drug deal and he’s furious that Mercedes got involved. Mercedes plans a sexy culinary treat for Joe and has another surprise in store – she asks him to marry her…

James and Joanne get revenge on Liam by letting a chicken loose in the salon – Liam is terrified of chickens. Joanne realises she doesn’t need Liam when she develops a new crush, on Joe.

Also, Alfie and Jade ditch Mac during a board game for some alone time.