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Who will be Harry's right-hand man (or woman)?

There's a battle on the shop floor after Harry announced that Selfridges needed a new deputy and Mr Grove, Miss Mardle and Gordon all threw their hats into the ring. After Gordon makes an impassioned plea to his dad explaining why he thinks he would be perfect, Harry gives him the job.


Meanwhile, an unfavourable article about Kitty appears in the papers, implying that she deserved the attack on her. Harry publicly jumps to her defence but his efforts resulted in a backlash - he's labelled unpatriotic while Kitty begins receiving hate mail.


However, Harry soon turns things around by launching the Selfridges Estate in store, as the houses are designed to help the massive national housing shortage and are specifically for former servicemen and their families. Nancy stands reluctantly by his side - and it’s later revealed that she’s out to con Harry!


Elsewhere, just as things are getting steamy between Victor and Violette in Colleano’s, everything is thrown into chaos as Purkiss raids the club and arrests everyone in it – including a semi-clad Victor and Violette!