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Who will survive the bus crash?

Brax, Josh, Nate and Sophie have survived the crash, but there are no signs of life on board the bus. Brax and Nate climb on board and find Ricky and Sasha, who are fine but Nate checks the bus driver's pulse and pronounces him dead. Denny and Evelyn are OK, but Hannah and Kyle are seriously hurt and Nate warns Brax that moving Kyle could kill him.

Alf and Roo discover that Maddy has run away as Hannah is rushed to hospital. Josh declares his love for Evelyn, causing the pair to reunite. Kyle's body goes into cardiac standstill forcing Nate and Brax to move his body. Later, Sophie tells Nate her wrist hurts and he tells her to look at the damage she caused. Sasha asks Denny if she’s seen Leah, unaware her body is laying metres away from the crash.

Neive’s assistant Grant encourages a drugged Phoebe to take off her clothes while being recorded on camera. Ash and Andy manage to save her; although Grant says he has enough footage to set the internet buzzing, later they find out Kyle has been in an accident.