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Will Belinda's salon opening go to plan in EastEnders?

EastEnders Belinda Carmel Kim
(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

It's the grand opening day of Belinda's new salon, but Stacey has to lend a hand when things start to go wrong...

Belinda and Stacey prepare for the opening of the new salon, but things get off to a rocky start when the sign writer accidentally names the salon ‘Asylum’ instead of ‘Elysium’.!Despite the mishap, the day turns out to be a big success. Returning home at the end of the day, Stacey and Belinda celebrate.

Carmel complains to Masood about the state of the market, prompting him to encourage her to go for the market inspector job. Discussing it with Denise, Carmel also talks about Masood, wondering if they could be ‘friends with benefits’. Feeling brave, Carmel puts the suggestion to Masood. Mistaking her words for something more, Masood tells her he can’t be in a relationship. Why is he so reticent?

Donna’s impressed by Claudette’s efforts to help Pam and Les. Seeing her mum is trying to turn over a new leaf, Donna invites her to move into her spare room. Although Vincent asks Claudette to keep her head down, when Claudette is confronted by Babe she warns her to stay away from Pam and Les.

Meanwhile, Martin finds out the alarming news that Phil has called Mark to tell him his dad is not who he thinks he is. Despite Michelle trying to play things down, Mark turns up on Martin’s doorstep wanting answers!