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Will Darren reveal what he knows about Patrick's death?

Ashley Taylor Dawson plays Darren Osborne in Hollyoaks

In the second part of Hollyoaks' Point of View week, Darren's the one having his collar felt...

Darren and Nancy are horrified when they realise they planted Maxine’s hair on Patrick, instead of Sienna’s. Jack’s suspicious that Darren might be involved in Patrick’s death, and Darren tries to hide his guilt when DS Armstrong asks him to come to the station.

At school, Nancy’s struggling to control her emotions and panics when she can’t stop her leg from trembling. Back at the Osbornes’, Darren and Jack discover Maxine’s pregnancy test, but think it belongs to Nancy.

Meanwhile, Louis Loveday has taken Nancy to the hospital, where she confides in him that there might be something seriously wrong with her health. Darren’s told Jack everything about Patrick, but his dad urges him to keep it to himself. But while Darren calls Armstrong and prepares to tell him the truth, Nancy has had a light-bulb moment and confronts Nico about the night Patrick died…

*Point of View week: Each episode is set on the same day, but shows a different perspective from each suspect in Patrick’s murder case*