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Will Diane uncover Tony and Sinead's secret?

It's Diane and Tony's wedding day, but after finding out that daughter Sinead is pregnant, Diane's intent on finding out who the father of her baby is.

Sinead tells Tony he's her soul mate and tries to give him a letter, but he tells her he wants to be with Diane. Sinead throws the letter in the bin only for Diane to find it. Diane doesn't read it, but thinks Sinead wrote the letter to her old flame, Daryl, so invites him to the wedding.

Later, Tony comes out of the church and is stunned to discover that Sinead's pregnant - and Diane notices his reaction. She runs out of the church and reads Sinead's letter to find out about Sinead and Tony…

Elsewhere, Jason misses Dianne and Tony's wedding and tells Holly he's ill, but he just can't face leaving the house.

In the wake of last night's accident at The Loft, Lindsey wonders who she can trust. And Leela and Tegan make up.