Will Elliot put love before his work?

Elliot's preparing his speech for his new role as Director of Research when his first love, Brigitte, arrives at Holby from Pakistan with a patient who's infected with Drug-Resistant TB. When Elliot discovers the patient is none other than ex-Holby medic Frieda Petrenko, he vows to do all he can to save her life. As Elliot and Brigitte discuss the past, old wounds are re-opened. Knowing Frieda's in safe hands with Elliot, Brigitte then leaves to return to Pakistan.

When Frieda's condition deteriorates in theatre, Elliot gets a shock when help comes from an unexpected source. Later, Elliot's keen to fulfill his role as Director of Research but Brigitte's departure has left him at an emotional crossroads. Always devoted to his work, it looks like Elliot might be about to put love first…

Tasked with getting Arthur back on to the straight and narrow by a disapproving Hanssen, after Arthur admitted to self-medicating, Dominic whisks Arthur away to his parents' caravan in the UK. When Dom's parents Barry and Carole turn up unannounced, Dom once again comes face to face with his overbearing, homophobic father. When Barry invites Arthur to go fishing, tensions rise when Arthur tries to convince Dom that Barry's just misunderstood. As they argue, Arthur leaves the caravan park – and his friendship with Dom hanging by a thread.

Later, however, Arthur turns up at the caravan park's karaoke just in time to hear Barry verbally abusing Dominic, and steps in to defend his friend. But Arthur’s soon forced into 'Doctor' mode when Barry chokes on a peanut and Arthur saves his life. In that moment, Arthur realises he's a born doctor – and that he's ready to face Hanssen…

Victoria Wilson
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