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Will Heath tell Bianca about Jess?

Heath's one night stand, Jess, tells Heath that she's having his baby. Later, Jess is surprised to see Heath kissing Bianca and Kyle tells her that was his wife. Heath finally gets up the courage to tell Bianca that Jess is pregnant, leaving his wife devastated.

Marilyn thinks that John is going to propose to her, while John continues with his actual plan, which is to set up a blind date for Irene. Later, Marilyn pre-emptively tells John that she can't marry him and is mortified to realise that he wasn't intending to ask her. However, back at home they get their relationship back on track and Marilyn agrees to help John set up a date for Irene.

Tamara and Sasha go head to head in the school election campaign, as Jett discovers that Sasha doesn't have the Mangrove River vote. Sasha brushes Jett off and asks Josh to help her instead. Jett offers to work for Tamara, as does Maddy. Matt overhears and decides to make sure that Sasha doesn't win.

Josh quits the campaign when he realises Sasha is prejudice towards the Mangrove River kids, so Matt enlists him in his plans to keep Sasha from winning. However, Maddy doesn't like his attitude and Matt kicks her out of their anti-Sasha group.