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Will Jimmi stand up for himself?

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Will Jimmi tell Will he is taking liberties?

Jimmi is struggling to cope with the mess that Will makes and seems to spend his time tidying up after his messy nephew. At work, Jimmi tells Ayesha that living with Will has brought back his OCD. Ayesha tells Jimmi that if Will is staying rent free, the least he can do is clear up after himself and this pushes Jimmi to have a serious talk with his nephew. Jimmi says he will say something - but will someone else do Jimmi's dirty work and tell Will that he's lazy and self-absorbed?

Also, Mrs Tembe is happy to have Ruhma back at work and tells her that the investigation into her conduct with Besa is officially closed. With both of them happy to put the matter behind them, Mrs Tembe announces her holiday cover and not everyone is pleased when they meet her replacement…