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Will Karen re-think fostering?

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Karen persuades Rob to accompany her to an information evening for prospective foster carers. But the day takes a surprising turn when Rob appears to be impressed by foster carer Mick, while Karen re-thinks her images of foster kids when she meets Mick's 17-year-old charge Alec. By the end of the evening, it seems Rob is more keen to go ahead with fostering than Karen.

Meanwhile, Jimmi treats Mick, who has been assaulted by Alec - but when Jimmi finds bruises on Alec, he realises that the situation isn't as straightforward as it seems. After talking to the pair in depth, Jimmi understands that there's a really strong bond between Mick and Alec and, despite their difficulties, they want to stay together.