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Will Liv help or hinder Aaron in court?

(Image credit: Andrew Boyce)

The case continues in court and tension is riding high as Aaron’s stepmum Sandra takes the stand and gets a grilling from the defence team. Will she admit she knew her husband was abusing his young son? Knowing she’s going next, Liv is nervous and has a pep talk with Aaron outside the courthouse. Will she help of hinder Aaron?

Poor David has found out he’s going to have to have a testicle removed to try to rid him of cancer, but he can’t face telling Jacob or Priya. Not happy about David’s plan to get Jacob out of the country and over to Portugal to avoid him having to know about the situation, Pollard gets Leyla thinking about how she could help.

After the Christening fiasco, Megan’s touched when her friends and family rally round to offer to pitch in with the baby. Elsewhere, Vanessa listens as Rhona admits she’s having trust issues with her husband Paddy following his affair with Tess.