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Will Marilyn and John give up on Jordan?

Marilyn Chambers in Home and Awa

Marilyn and John are forced to consider abandoning their dreams of fostering...

Marilyn and John are livid after Jordan goes missing. However, things become even more tense, when they find a knife in his room and are forced to confront him.

As Kat searches the garage for evidence of Andy's dodgy dealings, Ash is left stunned when she comes away empty handed. With the $50,000 dollars now missing, Andy may have even bigger problems.

Evelyn decides to enrol back at university and convinces Zac to let her do her teaching placement at Summer Bay High. Yet her good spirits don't last when she discovers she's the sole beneficiary of Hannah's $500,000 life insurance …

Alf decides to put things right with Duncan and finds his telephone number - but will he have the courage to pick up the phone and dial the number?