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Will Mercedes learn the truth about Lindsey's baby?

Mercedes goes to the hospital to find the man who Lindsey says got her pregnant. Meanwhile, Joe has decided he needs to tell Mercedes the truth… today! Mercedes storms over to Lindsey in the village and questions how Dr Rodgers could have got her pregnant when he's never slept with her and has had a vasectomy. Lindsey plays the victim well and Joe comes to her rescue against Mercedes, who makes it easy for Joe and walks away. John Paul tries to stop Mercedes as she gets into a taxi and is driven out of the village.

Esther decides to do the right thing over the evidence that could exonerate Trevor, but Ben puts the evidence in the bin. Ben lies that the receipt didn't make any difference to the investigation, but he's busted when Simone finds out. DS Thorpe makes an announcement to the press that Trevor's case has collapsed and he will be released.

Louis moves into Mrs St Claire's office, but John Paul's determined to get the rightful head teacher back. Mrs St Claire gives in when Peri and John Paul present her with a petition, signed by the students, for her to return.

Also, Rachel's offered a permanent teaching assistant job at Hollyoaks High, but wants to turn it down so she and Nathan can go travelling. She starts to realise, though, that maybe Nathan doesn't want the same thing any more.