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Will Paige fight Angelina in Neighbours?

Paige Smith in Neighbours

Angelina has put the frighteners on Paige - but will she agree to fight anyway?

Paige Smith tells Aaron she's pulling out of the fight, but Piper tells Paige that Aaron will face financial ruin if she does. Paige is scared, until Piper tells her Angelina’s trying to psych her out because she’s scared. Will Paige declare the fight is back on?

Madison encourages Xanthe to wait for Ben to come to her. So Xanthe's horrified when she later sees Madison and Ben together and assumes the worst.

Paul shows off the new motel restaurant to Terese, who pretends to be unimpressed. A smug Paul later tells Gary that it’s obvious Terese wants him, so he’s horrified when he goes to book Madison to sing at the restaurant and she tells him that Terese has already booked her for same day. Will he realise he's been played?