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Will Rhiannon give up her baby?

(Image credit: BBC)

Rhiannon and Paul must give baby Nicholas up to foster care so, when Rhiannon disappears with the baby Emma and Jane start to panic. Rhiannon returns with Nicholas, oblivious, she was just getting him settled. As Jane takes the baby, Rhiannon is upset and tells Emma to leave; she is just as bad as everyone else.

Rob’s in court giving evidence for the Treehouse trial and meets Rhys again, Mal’s sidekick. Rhys reveals he found kids for Mal but he lnever touched them. Rob offers to do all he can to help him, if he gives evidence against Mal. Realising he is being played, Rhys suddenly swings at Rob, who manages to restrain him.

Mrs Tembe irritates a frustrated reception team, but after Heston gives her a talking to she reveals she will be getting a special admin team in to sort the Mill going paper free. But Valerie and Karen’s relief is short lived when Mrs Tembe starts talking about other projects she has in mind. It seems she has alienated them even further.