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Will Shabnam tell Dean the truth?

Shabnam feels freaked out after her encounter with Dean, doing her best to avoid him. When Masood is suspicious, Shabnam prepares to talk to him. Before she can say anything she's interrupted by Dean, who wants to know what she meant in their last conversation. Under pressure, Shabnam confesses she fell pregnant with his baby, but claims it died from complications. Another encounter with Dean sees Shabnam tripping up over her lies, leaving Dean even more suspicious and confused.

Kat and Alfie push ahead with their plans to leave the Square and start over. Despite reassurances from Alfie and Stacey, it's soon clear that Kat is worried that things will go wrong. Taking Kat to the Vic, Alfie tries to encourage Kat not to be fearful. When Alfie finds her in the toilets, upset, Alfie comforts her as she opens up about her fears. Later, Alfie gets a worrying message...

Phil panics when he finds Vincent talking to a tipsy Charlie in the Albert. Intervening, Phil puts a hasty stop to their conversation. Across the Square, the Beale household are still at odds, as Cindy worries that when Ian and Jane adopt Beth she'll still be responsible for her care.

Phil meets Cathy Beale in a café and gives her a stack of cash, for which she thanks him. She said 'Gavin' didn't know about their arrangement. When will Cathy be back?