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Will Steph and Paul survive a car crash?

Paul offers to take Steph to see her doctor when she receives a text message from Aaron, alerting her that Paul switched her medication. Suddenly, a car veers onto their path and the two are driven off the road. When Paul regains consciousness, Steph has found the psychotropic pills in his jacket pocket.

Doug returns to Erinsborough and knowing his Alzheimer's is progressing, he's come bearing gifts and advice, wanting to get his family back on track. Doug tells Paige not to live her life with regrets and she prepares to break up with Mark. Later, Mark sees Doug’s commitment ring and thinks Paige is about to propose. Caught up in his excitement, Paige goes along with the proposal, asking Mark to marry her.

Susan sees a photo of Shay as a young girl at the beach. The mystery deepens when Shay takes a phone call, assuring the caller she knows what she has to do next. Shay takes out the photo and reveals the whole picture: it's of a young Shay holding Terese's hand.

Also, Lauren receives a disturbing phone call from Mai Ling - Lou is missing!