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Will Tony seduce Tabby to help Marnie?

Linda Gray and Nick Pickard at Tabby and Tony

Tony's shocked when Marnie orders him to get up close and personal with her mother Tabby in Hollyoaks...

Tony's sceptical when he finds out that Marnie wants him to seduce her mother - will he agree? Later, Marnie calls Tabby to confirm her visit and to confess that she's back with Mac…

James, meanwhile, is struggling to convince Cassandra to retract her statement against Diego. But he has a cunning plan and gets Myra to meet Cassandra. Will his plan work?

Cameron overhears Celine talking to Tegan about when she tried to kill Pete. Will he use this information to get himself out of trouble?

Sienna arrives at the garage to find Warren with Jesse. Later, Warren’s worried when he notices an infected wound on Sienna's arm and orders her to go to the hospital. Will she listen?