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Will Zara give Valerie treatment?

(Image credit: BBC)

Or will Zara continue to make fun of Valerie's itching?

Valerie and Karen are still itching and both begin to wonder if fleas are the cause of their distress. Ayesha tells them both they need to see a doctor, so they approach Daniel and Zara but Zara tells the ladies that they don't have time to see them. So Karen and Valerie turn to Ben, who isn't exactly supportive, but convinces Daniel and Zara to see Karen and Valerie. Will the ladies finally know what has caused their itching?

Also, Zara is touched when Ruhma and Heston ask her for her advice on re-organising their wedding. However, Zara soon regrets getting involved as Heston has huge plans for the day and Zara thinks that it may be a bad idea considering it's the day that Bren died. Will Heston listen to Zara when she tries to help him keep the wedding low key?