Zac proposes to Leah

Zac tells Nate and Kat that he is planning to propose to Leah. Next, he asks VJ’s permission to marry his mum and of course, he says yes. Zac explains he wants to keep the proposal a secret, but Chris overhears their conversation and hatches an elaborate plan to help Zac propose and tells Irene and the rest of Summer Bay. Irene and Marilyn blindfold Leah and lead her to her proposal party, but when Leah sees all the guests and Zac gets down on one knee, she refuses to marry him.

Kyle wants to plan a memorial service for his brother, but Ricky doesn’t see the point. Phoebe is doing her best to support the Braxtons, but when Ricky tells her to back off, Phoebe asks Nate if he can get her to open up.

Kyle wants to take revenge for Brax’s ‘death,’ but Ricky is sick of the lies and tells Kyle if he does, she’ll take baby Casey and leave the Bay. Kyle lets go of his plan and he and Ricky head to the carnival. Putting on a brave face Ricky has a heartwarming chat with Alf, where she nearly cracks.

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