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Zack and Leela are caught out!

Zack Leela caught out Hollyoaks

The amorous couple are the talk of the election press launch in Hollyoaks...

Lisa's agreed to help her mum play Cupid for Zack and Cleo, so when a jealous Leela sees Zack and Cleo together, she drags Zack into the toilets at The Bean, where the press launch for the local councillor elections is being held. When her speech goes wrong at the launch, a humiliated Cindy runs to the toilets and hears Zack and Leela getting amorous in one of the cubicles.

Feeling mischievous, Cindy plants her microphone in Leela's coat pocket, so they can be heard by everyone at the venue. With Simone in the middle of her speech, Cindy feels victorious when Zack and Leela emerge from the toilets to a shocked audience… and an embarrassed Simone!

Meanwhile, with Ellie wanting Mac to get his second opinion asap, Marnie puts on the waterworks when she tells the family that Mac's already had a second opinion – he must have forgotten. Later, Mac's health takes a turn for the worse…

Also, Warren asks Cleo to help Joel take his mind off 'whatever' is getting him down. When Cleo later catches up with Joel, however, will he be pleased to see her?