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Zara and Daniel find their son

(Image credit: BBC)

Joe's kidnapping leaves Zara and Daniel shaken...

Daniel and Zara endure every parent's worst nightmare when they are told that Joe has been snatched from school. As they rush to the location where Joe was last seen, DI Stanton tells them both to keep calm - but Daniel explodes at Zara and blames her for Joe's disappearance. Will Joe's disappearance make Zara even more determined to put the gang behind bars?

Al is sulking after being told off by Mrs Tembe for teasing Sid and making fun of him for allowing his picture to be used on ethnic minority posters. Wanting to continue his fun and games with Sid, Al prepares a series of surprises for Sid’s first day back at work after taking his annual leave. Will Sid spot Al's traps and will Al and Sid's games have professional consequences?