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Zara has fun with Michael

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Michael and Zara meet for lunch and Michael thinks a simple food elimination diet would reveal whether Joe has a wheat intolerance or not. He's doing some research into the link between food intolerances and developmental delay. Zara is sceptical but whatever happens, it's been an enjoyable lunch.

Sid goes to do a home visit on Roxy Ripley, who has terminal cancer. She explains that she used to be in a female biker gang and has her old bike in the garage. Sid gets it started and, despite her husband Richard's disapproval, she roars off on the bike. Richard and Sid jump in Sid's car and when they find her Richard and Roxy have an honest chat about the future.

Jimmi returns to The Mill but he's straight off out again, acting as an expert witness in court. When he returns Sid bounces up to him to tell him about his consultation with Roxy but Jimmi shouts at him in front of Karen and Al.