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'Call the Midwife' 10.06 recap — secret confessions and making big changes

Call The Midwife season 10 episode 6 -Sister Franklin
Sister Franklin's bright idea helped a whole host of expectant mothers. (Image credit: BBC)

Call the Midwife Season 10 is now on its penultimate episode, and what a season it has been so far. The nuns and midwives at Nonnatus House have been as superb as always, and episode six is no exception. 

Our favourite things about Call the Midwife Season 10, episode six...

Trixie making waves 

Like all Call the Midwife fans we love Trixie Franklin (Helen George), but just when we thought we couldn't love the character more, she goes and writes her groundbreaking letter to The Times newspaper. We love her for standing up for women's rights for an abortion, we love her for speaking her mind, and we also love her for having the bravery to say what many people were thinking but didn't have the courage to speak up about. She was brilliant at putting the rest of the speakers on the radio in their place, proving that not only do women have a right to be heard, but also a right to have the laws changed. 

Sarita Gupta in Call the Midwife season 10 episode 6

Sister Franklin's good idea helped expectant mothers like Sarita Gupta. (Image credit: BBC)

Sister Frances and her bright ideas 

We can't get enough of Sister Frances and her brilliant lightbulb moments, and this week's decision to hold information evenings for Asian expectant mums was great. Not only did it shine a light on how difficult things were for these mums-to-be in the 1960s, but we also could listen to Miss Higgins speaking in Punjabi for the rest of our days - who knew she had it in her? A woman of many hidden talents! 

Nancy's big secret 

Nancy Corrigan coming clean about the fact she has a daughter finally makes everything make sense. We were confused about why she might have taken Trixie's letter to The Times personally, and now we understand. Poor Nancy has been keeping this secret, covered up by the Catholic Church, for years, but where will she be left now it is out? Will she be able to continue to train as a midwife, or is her nursing career over before it has even properly got going? 

Lucille in Call the Midwife season 10 episode 6

Lucille also helped Sister Francis make her information evenings for expectant mothers a success.  (Image credit: BBC)

Mr Aylward helping to save Nonnatus House 

Who would have thought back in episode one when we saw Matthew Aylward and his wife Fiona arrive at the Lady Emily clinic that he would still be a central part of the series. We love the fact that Mr Aylward is helping Nonnatus House, paying forward the care and attention that Trixie gave his wife Fiona in her final days, and also the help Trixie has given to him since Fiona's death. With great ideas from the nuns and nursing team, along with funding from Matthew, it seems Nonnatus House has been saved. Hurrah!

Call the Midwife continues on Sunday nights at 8pm on BBC One. You can catch up on past seasons and missed episodes on BBC iPlayer