Trixie Franklin — our guide to the Call the Midwife character

Trixie Franklin in Call the Midwife
Helen George plays Beatrix "Trixie" Franklin in Call the Midwife. (Image credit: BBC / Nealstreet)

Beatrix "Trixie" Franklin is one of Call the Midwife's much-loved characters and has been in the BBC series from its very first episode. 

Trixie is a senior midwife and nurse and works alongside the other women helping to deliver babies in the East End of London in the late 1950s and 1960s.

Cheeky and bubbly, Nurse Franklin is always up for a night out and loves nothing better than a good old gossip with her colleagues. She can sometimes come across as being nosey and a bit rude, though fans of the show know she means no harm by it.  

Trixie, who has previously been unlucky in love, seems to have found the one in handsome widower Matthew Aylward. The couple had to make their relationship long distance in series 11 when Trixie travelled to Portofino to care for her terminally ill godmother. 

Thankfully for the fans, Trixie is reprising her role for the Call the Midwife 2022 Christmas special and Call the Midwife season 12, and we have got everything you need to know about the character...

Who plays Trixie Franklin?

Trixie Franklin is played by British actress Helen George. The Birmingham-born star was inspired to pursue a career in acting after taking part in a production of Les Misérables at the age of 15.

Helen studied musical theatre at the Royal Academy of Music in London, and shortly after graduating she was selected by Sir Elton John to be a backing singer on his tour. 

Her stage and screen credits include the West End production of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman in White, Hotel Babylon, The Three Musketeers, Scar Tissue, Doctors, Hollyoaks and The Extraordinary Adventures of G. A. Henty. 

Helen's big break came in 2011 when she successfully auditioned for the part of glamourous midwife Trixie in Call the Midwife

In an interview with BBC, she revealed whether or not she thinks she would get on with Trixie. She said: "Yes, I think I’d like Trixie in real life."

"It’s a weird question because you’re not your character, but there is some of you in there. She’s very different from me, though. I wish that I was as assertive as she is. She’s very sure of herself, which is fun to play. And I wish I had medical training! I wish I could do the stuff the midwives can do because it’s really cool."

Call the Midwife star Helen George

Trixie Franklin in Call the Midwife. (Image credit: BBC)

Trixie Franklin's personality

Trixie Franklin is outgoing, no nonsense and loves teasing her friends. She is also described as "boy mad" and tries to set her colleagues up on dates. Despite her jokey personality, she's also very dedicated to her job and is very caring and supportive to her patients.

Helen George adds: "She's the fun loving, party going midwife who’s always up for a drink and a fag and to go out with the boys and have a good dance. 

"She relishes trying to set up her fellow midwives with other guys and push them into relationships and get them married off but with a twinkle in her eye. Fundamentally though she’s a midwife and that’s what she’s there to do.”

Call the Midwife season 11 cast

Trixie is 'boy mad' and often sets up her fellow midwives on dates. (Image credit: BBC)

Trixie Franklin's previous relationships

Trixie is set to get her happy ever after in series 12 by tying the knot with partner, Matthew Aylward. But it's been a long journey for the midwife to find her Prince Charming.

In season three, Trixie met Reverend Tom Hereward while attending a pregnant inmate at a women's prison. After beginning a relationship, Tom proposes to Trixie at the start of season four. 

However, their engagement was short lived as Trixie decided to break things off after learning that Tom was going to be assigned to a new parish in Newcastle. Distraught, she drowns her sorrows in alcohol, developing a dangerous addiction.

Trixie began dating dentist Christopher Dockerill in season six, but it soon became clear they were hiding secrets from one another. Christopher eventually admitted he had a young daughter from a past relationship, and Trixie opened up about her previous battle with alcohol. The relationship ultimately faltered, with Christopher leaving Poplar for good.

Call the Midwife Trixie Franklin

Trixie is set to marry Matthew Aylward. (Image credit: BBC1)

Trixie's relationship with Matthew Aylward

Trixie first met Matthew Aylward and his wife Fiona when they were expecting their first baby in season 10. Fiona later gave birth to a little boy, called Jonathan, but tragedy struck when the young mum developed Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and suddenly died.

Trixie comforted grieving Matthew, helping him find a suitable nanny for Jonathan. Their friendship blossomed into romance in series 11, and after enjoying a string of dates, Trixie and Matthew declared their love for another.

Call the Midwife season 11 episode 3 - Trixie and Matthew

Trixie and Matthew had a blossoming relationship. (Image credit: BBC1)

Trixie's breaks from Call the Midwife 

Trixie Franklin is an original cast member of Call the Midwife, but has had two breaks from the show.  

The midwife had a period away from Poplar in season seven, following her messy break up with Reverend Tom. In reality, actress Helen George was temporarily bowing out of the show when she went on maternity leave to have her daughter, Wren Ivy, in 2017.

Trixie soon returned to Nonnatus House and remained there until halfway through season 11 when she receives news that her godmother in Portofino has been diagnosed with cancer. Wanting to help, Trixie bids farewell and leaves for Italy, not knowing how long she'll be gone for. 

During her character's time out, Helen welcomed her second daughter, Lark, who was born in November 2021.

Fans of the show needn't worry though, Trixie returns with a bang during this year's Christmas special and will feature throughout series 12.

Call The Midwife star Helen George

Trixie will return to Call the Midwife in the Christmas special. (Image credit: BBC/ Nealstreat)
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