Home and Away’s Luke Van Os reveals Xander fate

Luke Van Os as Xander Delaney
Xander Delaney (Luke Van Os) risks losing his career over his connection with Millie. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Home and Away star Luke Van Os has revealed that paramedic Xander might JUST be saved from disaster by his sister, cop Rose Delaney (Kirsty Marillier).

The pair moved to Summer Bay after discovering they had a secret sibling, Jasmine Delaney (Sam Frost). 

It wasn’t long after landing themselves local jobs, however, that Xander got himself into a messy situation with road traffic accident victim Millie (Zara Zoe).

After Xander let slip that the other crash victim, Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) was speeding, Millie vowed to take him to court

When she then had a flashback that she was distracted with a text while driving, instead of confessing to the police, Millie tried to hold Xander to ransom!

“When he first met Millie she was a sweet girl, so he’s blindsided when she wants to take out an AVO [a restraining order] against him, as well as throw Logan under the bus,” explained Home and Away star Luke.

“It’s terrible to blackmail him like that, especially after how much effort he’s put into making sure she’s okay.

“He’s only ever had good intentions and he goes above and beyond for his patients. 

“He’s too nice for his own good!”

Xander Delaney with Rose Delaney

Siblings Rose Delaney and Xander Delaney always have each other's backs. (Image credit: Channel 5)

Wanting to do the right thing by Logan, Xander reports Millie’s admission that she was texting to Rose and fellow police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright).

Rose is incensed when Millie claims innocence and, turning on the waterworks, insists Xander is harassing her. Ever the protective sister, an off duty Rose confronts Millie to get her to tell the truth.

Can she persuade her to do the right thing?

“Rose doesn't want Xander to get hurt. She cares for him and can see that this is going badly,” shared Luke. 

“She’s got a very logical cop mind that can see through it all whereas Xander’s very emotional and he goes with his feelings where maybe he shouldn’t.”

“Millie isn’t a bad person, she’s stuck in a position where she's terrified of living with the fact it’s her fault and of the legal consequences. 

“When Rose speaks to her, she manages to break through to her.”

Now that we’ve got to know the Delaney siblings a little better since their arrival this spring, will Rose always be getting Xander out of tricky situations?

“Rose and Xander look out for each other. She’s the older, wiser sister. But as time goes on we’ll see each sibling help each other out,” claimed Luke.

“There’s still a LOT more for the audience to learn about Xander. He’ll always go above and beyond for people but he’s going to have to learn to deal with things in the right way.”

Xander Delaney attends an RTA

Luke Van Os plunged straight in with dramatic first responder scenes as Xander! (Image credit: Channel 5)

As well as taking on his first major TV role, Luke has had to get his head round learning the intricacies of playing a paramedic. But he revealed that he’s been loving it!

“It’s a lot of fun and I’ve learned so much that I wouldn’t learn in the real world,” he insisted.

“Sarah, who’s our medical advisor, was a paramedic and she also worked in ED so she’s able to give us all of the knowledge we need to convey this convincingly. 

“I’m not brave enough to be a real first responder and it’s so unique to learn what they go through.

“A lot of the time when we have a big story we’ll have real paramedics on set with us, either driving the ambulance or something like that. 

“To be able to talk to them in between takes is unbelievable. They really are superheroes.”

Home and Away airs weekdays at 1:15 pm on Channel 5 and 6:00 pm on 5Star followed by a 'first look' episode on 5Star at 6:30 pm.