Martin Freeman hopes to return for 'The Responder' series 2

The Responder series 2
Martin Freeman has won critical acclaim for his role as Chris Carson. (Image credit: BBC/Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton)

Work is already underway on The Responder series 2 after the BBC1 drama wowed audiences and critics alike when it debuted with an exciting double-bill this week. 

Martin Freeman has also revealed that he would be up for returning to the role of troubled Liverpool police officer Chris Carson, who's trying to hold his marriage together while suffering a mental health crisis brought on by the stress of the job. 

The compromised copper already had drug dealer Carl Sweeney (Ian Hart) breathing down his neck, when he took on an idealistic new recruit Rachel (Adelayo Adedayo) as his partner in this week's second episode. 

The pair soon realise they must put their differences aside and work together if they want to survive as the series concludes with a triple-bill next week, but whatever happens, Martin Freeman is eager to return for a second series. 

"Chris is a character I'd like to return to because I'm a sucker for good scripts," he told us. "I'll walk anywhere for a good script and we had a great team on this. I love the team, it's beautifully produced and so yeah I would hope to do it again!" 

And Martin is in luck, because the show's producer Laurence Bowen has confirmed that work is already underway on a second series, with ex-copper Tony Schumacher on writing duties. 

"We've started working on scripts for the second series," he explained at a recent press event. "We're thinking about what the storylines will be and what the kind of shape it will be. It's just a real privilege as a producer to tap into something - like a mosquito tapping into an artery - with Tony as the artery! There's a lot more to come I think, so we'd definitely love to do more." 

The Responder continues on BBC1 at 9pm on Monday, Jan. 31st. Episodes are also available on BBC iPlayer.

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