Meet the Falling for Christmas cast: who's who in the Lindsay Lohan holiday movie

Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas
Lindsay Lohan and Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Tis the season for new holiday movies on Netflix, and the streaming service is kicking things off with a fun and festive movie to get you in the mood for the season, Falling for Christmas, starring Lindsay Lohan.  

Lohan plays Sierra, a spoiled heiress who loses her memory at a ski lodge owned by a handsome single father, Jake. From there, sparks fly as she tries to remember who she is while also getting to know Jake and his daughter.

Let's meet the Falling for Christmas cast! 

Lindsay Lohan as Sierra Belmont 

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas

Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Sierra Belmont, a spoiled hotel heiress, has it all. She's newly engaged and has everything she's ever wanted, but there's no question that she's living a life that isn't her own. Tad, her fiance, is everything a socialite should want in a potential husband. Her father has offered her a dream job and she doesn't want to let him down. But there's something missing from her life, even if she can’t put her finger on it. When she loses her memory during a holiday ski trip, she doesn’t know who she is, so she must rely on others, including the handsome lodge owner and his daughter, to help her. 

Lindsay Lohan returns to movies after a decade-long absence. Lohan exploded into the pop culture landscape after starring in the dual role of long-lost twins Hallie and Annie in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap. From there, Lohan went on to star in hit movies like Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and A Prairie Home Companion. While spending time away from the spotlight, Lohan opened a beach resort in Greece that was the subject of the MTV series Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, but she decided to sell the property in 2019.  

Chord Overstreet as Jake Russell 

Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas

Chord Overstreet in Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Jake Russell is the single father of a beautiful daughter. He's also the owner of the lodge where Sierra Belmont ends up after losing her memory. However, this isn't the first time they've met; they ran into each other — literally — when Jake was trying to talk to her father about a proposal to invest in his struggling lodge. Beauregard Belmont wouldn't give him the time of day, and Sierra was too upset about the hot chocolate on her haute couture to remember Jake, while he was too shaken up to remember her. But since she has amnesia, all he can do is keep her comfortable until she remembers who she is. As Christmas approaches, Jake finds that Sierra is much more than meets the eye, but he can't help falling for her now that he's seeing another side of her.    

Nashville native Chord Overstreet grew up in a creative household, so it's no surprise he grew up to be an actor. After a few small guest roles and a recurring role on Private in 2009, Overstreet's big break arrived when he landed the role of Sam Evans in Glee. Having established himself as an actor and a singer, Overstreet is always busy and has enjoyed roles in TV series and movies. Falling for Christmas is his first holiday movie.  

George Young as Tad Fairchild 

George Young at the premiere of Falling for Christmas

George Young at the premiere of Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Tad Fairchild is an influencer. But he's not just any influencer, he's the influencer of the moment and he's engaged to Sierra Belmont. While he's very concerned about Sierra, there's no question his focus is on her image and what she can do for him and his career. 

George Young is known for roles in 2021's Malignant and the 2016 series Containment. Earlier in his career he had an ongoing role in the 2016 TV series The Pupil. Young also wrote, directed, produced and starred in the 2018 short film Home

Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont 

Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont in Falling for Christmas

Jack Wagner as Beauregard Belmont in Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Beauregard Belmont is a hotel magnate who is at the top of his game. The only thing missing in his life is having his daughter Sierra involved in the family business. But thus far she’s expressed zero interest in being part of the family brand.  

Jack Wagner has been gracing TV shows and movies since his acting debut in the early 1980s. Some of his most memorable roles include Warren Lockridge in Santa Barbara, Frisco Jones in General Hospital, Dominick Marone on The Bold and the Beautiful and Dr. Peter Burns in Melrose Place. He's no stranger to TV movies, having appeared in several Hallmark Channel productions including the Wedding March franchise and When Calls the Heart.  

Olivia Perez as Avy 

Olivia Perez at the premiere of Falling for Christmas

Olivia Perez at the premiere of Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Avy is Jake's adorable daughter. Though things have been rough since losing her mom two years ago, she's still got a positive outlook on life and a fierce belief in the magic of Christmas. She's hoping that with a little help from Santa, her Christmas wishes will come true. She forms a bond with the woman who arrives at the family lodge and helps to bring the mysterious woman out of her shell. 

Olivia Perez might be young, but she's already an accomplished actress. She appeared in 2021's In the Heights, The Kids Tonight Show and Sesame Street.   

Alejandra Flores as Alejandra Carlisle

Alejandra Flores in Falling for Christmas

Alejandra Flores in Falling for Christmas (Image credit: Netflix)

Alejandra is Avy's grandmother and Jake's mother in law. She's been helping raise Avy since her daughter died two years ago. The lodge has been in her family for generations so she's used to working there, but she also knows that business is declining and it's putting even more stress on her hard-working son in law. Alejandra always reminds him to have faith, though, no matter how hard things seem. 

Alejandra Flores has been a big presence in TV and theater since the early 1980s. She's appeared in guest roles on a number of TV shows like Better Call Saul, Sons of Anarchy, Nip/Tuck and The Bold and the Beautiful

You can watch Falling for Christmas right now exclusively on Netflix.

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