Regan Gascoigne on giving his all in 'Dancing On Ice' 2022: ‘Headbangers freak me out!’

Regan Gascoigne's dance training should help enormously for 'Dancing On Ice'.
Regan Gascoigne's dance training should help enormously for 'Dancing On Ice'. (Image credit: ITV)

Dancing on Ice star Regan Gascoigne is the youngest of legendary ex England footballer Paul Gascoigne’s children. Now he's part of the celebrity line-up on Dancing On Ice in 2022, which begins on Sunday 16 January at 6.30pm, although Regan's first live routine won't be until the second show on Sunday January 23. He is partnered by Dancing On Ice pro Karina Manta.

Regan isn’t the first in his family to appear in a reality TV show, with older sister Bianca taking part in 2017’s Celebrity Big Brother. The 25-year-old is a professional dancer who joined the Hammond Ballet School as an Associate when he was six  then went on to study Musical Theatre at Tring Park School for the Performing Arts. He’s part of Urban Voices Collective, which led to him performing alongside Demi Lovato, while other performances include The Nutcracker with the English National Ballet and ad campaigns for major brands like Samsung.

Here, Regan Gascoigne reveals whether his dancing skills will give him a head start in the competition and why he’s prepared for any criticism from the Dancing On Ice panel...

Regan's dad Paul Gascoigne celebrating an England win in the World Cup in 1990.

Regan's dad Paul Gascoigne celebrating an England win in the World Cup in 1990. (Image credit: Getty)

Regan Gascoigne on the appeal of taking part in 'Dancing On Ice'?

Regan Gascoigne says: "Obviously I love dance so it’s the fact that it’s a different skill but it’s still dancing. And I’ve always wanted to do the show, always! I’ve watched it since I was a kid!"

Have you ever skated before?

Regan says: "Only when I was eight. I did two lessons because we lived near an ice rink, but then I stopped. But I’ll confess that I did book one lesson before my audition! I just thought, there’s no way I want to go into that audition without just preparing a little bit!"

Do you have a favourite 'Dancing On Ice' contestant from over the years?

Regan says: "Oh no, I respect everyone who has done it. I just want to push myself as far as I can push myself. I’ll do as many hours as I can do. I’m just like, ‘get me in there, I want to just attack it.’"

Do you think your dance training will help?

Regan says: "I hope so! I think posture, core strength and I being able to remember routines will definitely help. But when it comes to the skating I’ll have no idea what’s going on!"

What are you most looking forward to about now learning to skate with your professional partner Karina Manta?

Regan: "You know, it’s to see their dedication, to listen to what they’re saying, and learn how their creative mind works. It will be so different to dance and I really want to learn it and hopefully try and own it. I just want to commit to the whole process. I’ve never done anything like this before and I can't believe I’m here to be honest. I’m so excited!"

Regan Gascoigne is partnered with 'Dancing On Ice' pro Karina Manta.

Regan Gascoigne is partnered with 'Dancing On Ice' pro Karina Manta. (Image credit: ITV)

Are you feeling nervous at all?

Regan syas: "I’m more excited than nervous. I’m a ball of energy anyway, always running or gyming! I’m excited to just get going, to get on the ice and just go for it!" 

You sound fearless...

Regan says: "Oh completely. Launch me from that side of the rink to the other, put me on high wires, let’s do it! I used to work with reptiles when I was young and I’ve scuba dived before, so yeah I love danger. I suppose I’m a bit of daredevil."

What about the prospect of lifts and headbangers?

Regan says: "Headbangers freak me out! I’m so scared. It’s the responsibility of holding onto the pro. Obviously I don’t want to hurt someone or ruin their career. The pressure is scary, but I’m excited."

How do you feel about being on live TV?

Regan says: "I’ve never been on live TV before so I’m excited about it. I’m used to performing in a live setting, but now I’ll be like, do I look at the camera? Do I look at the pro? Do I look at the judges?"

Are you looking forward to all the sparkly costumes?

Regan says: "Oh yes! I’ve already told the creative team that anything they want to do, let’s just go for it! Why not?"

How competitive are you? Would you like to win?

Regan says: "It’s more the fact that I’d like to stay to the end and dance as many times as possible, and get to learn as much as I can. I’d obviously love to win, but I’m just so happy to be in the show that winning would just be like the cherry on top. I’m going to think positively, try to have the confidence I can do it and just throw myself at it."

How do you think you’ll cope with any potential criticism from the ice panel which includes Torvill and Dean, Ashley Banjo and the new judge 'Strictly' dancer Oti Mabuse?

Regan says: "Oh, I’ll be listening closely. Give me criticism because then I can take it, learn from it and improve. I don’t actually like compliments. It feels nice but there’s nothing you can learn from that and I want to learn."

If you were to describe your strengths and weaknesses to your professional partner what would they be?

Regan says: "Strengths? I’ll work hard to be confident. Weaknesses? Maybe that I’m a little bit shy!"

What do your family think about you taking part in the show?

Regan says: "They’re just so happy for me, they’re ecstatic because they know how much I’ve always wanted to do it. My mum thinks I’m mad. She’s like, this is dangerous, but she’s also buzzing! Mainly they’re all just excited for me." 

Regan's dad Paul Gascoigne playing for England at the World Cup in 1990 against Cameroon.

Regan's dad Paul Gascoigne playing for England in the World Cup quarter final in 1990 against Cameroon. (Image credit: Getty)
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