'Starstruck' season 2: five predictions for the latest episodes

Starstruck season 2: Rose Matafeo and Nikesh Patel
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Starstruck season 2 arrives on BBC3 soon, and there's plenty of drama in store for Jessie (Rose Matafeo) as she deals with the fallout from her big decision to stay living in London.

Like something out of a romance novel, Jessie has made this decision so she can still be around Tom (Nikesh Patel), a man she had a one-night stand with on New Year's Eve and later discovered he was a famous film star. She saves his number in her phone as "Tom Famous", and since then it's been quite a complicated situation for this unlikely duo.

Jessie's world is revolving around Tom at this point, as he's the major person that came into her life, so there's a potential for this all to go wrong for her. Has she really made the right decision?

Ahead of the new season, here are five things that might happen to these beloved characters over the course of the next six episodes...

1. Jessie will regret her decision to stay in London

At the end of season one, Jessie shocked viewers and everyone around her by making a complete U-turn on her decision to move back to her home country of New Zealand. A gesture like this is romantic and looks good on paper, but now she has to deal with the real-world consequences of what she's just done.

Jessie currently has no job, no home, and no bags as she was planning on leaving all this behind, so she might seriously regret her decision and decide to move back to New Zealand after all, which means her and Tom's love story would be over. But could moving home be the right decision for her after all?

2. Jessie's letters might have completely ruined her relationships with those around her

Staying in London isn't the only thing Jessie needs to navigate, as she wrote out some letters in a highly emotional state while she was still thinking she was heading to New Zealand. She's on a mission to get them back, but it could be too little too late and she'll seriously regret some of the contents. 

If that's the case, will she be able to make amends with those she met while living in London? Or has she burned all of her bridges?

Starstruck season 2

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3. Tom will make some serious decisions about his own career — and they might be devastating for Jessie

Following Jessie's grand gesture for Tom, things might not be plain sailing. That's because Tom has his own career to think about and this will potentially require him to travel, perhaps even relocating long-term. 

He may have to choose between his complicated feelings for Jessie, and some massive career opportunities, resulting in some heartache for them both. 

4. Tom's brother is going to cause trouble

We know that Tom's brother Vinay is appearing in the second season, and his arrival is definitely unwelcome. During a housewarming party he's about to get drunk, and although we don't know the repercussions of this it isn't looking good for anyone involved. Is Vinay about to cause even more drama for Tom and Jessie?

5. The season could end on an unhappy, yet necessary note

Jessie's made a huge decision and it's likely this could blow up in her face, especially if she and Tom decide to finally call things quits. But it could be the right decision for both of them, and a natural end point for the series. We don't currently know if Starstruck has been renewed for season 3, so a bittersweet ending could be on the cards for fans. 

The future is definitely uncertain for Tom and Jessie, so we'll have to watch to find out... perhaps they might live happily ever after, you never know!

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