The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 2, 2024: Deacon questions the cause of death

Sean Kanan as Deacon in The Bold and the Beautiful
Sean Kanan, The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Deacon reels over Tom’s death while Luna tells Zende about Bill’s plan to adopt her in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for July 2, 2024. 

We begin today at the Spencer Estate, where Poppy (Romy Park) is drinking coffee. She seems calm and collected, and pensive. She thinks back to her conversation with Tom (Clint Howard), who says Luna (Lisa Yamada) deserves to know who her real father is. 

At Il Giardino, Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) brings Deacon (Sean Kanan) some coffee and they talk about what happened the night before. Finn (Tanner Novlan) arrives and says that he heard Tom died. They’re both in shock. Deacon tells Finn that he needs to know why Tom died like that. "What happened?" he asks. 

Bill (Don Diamont) walks in and finds Poppy staring off into space. He can see that she’s distracted and he asks what’s wrong. 

Luna is in the design office when Zende (Delon De Metz) walks in. He’s surprised to see her and offers to leave until she gets done. He can see that a lot has changed lately and he asks how she’s doing. 

Deacon sings Tom’s praises while Hollis notes that he was going to start singing again. Deacon says he was fine until he went to get on stage. He was shaking a lot. Finn tells them he died of a drug overdose. 

Bill can see that Poppy is upset and he wants to know what’s wrong. She tries to brush it off, asking what she has to be upset about these days. But he can see she’s been crying and he wants to know what’s wrong. 

Zende asks her if it’s like being in a movie and finding out she’s a princess. She laughs and says she’s not a princess but she is a Spencer. She loves that she’s part of a big family now and has brothers and nieces. Zende can tell it’s a big moment now that she’s officially Bill Spencer’s daughter. She says she can finally form a relationship with her father after so many years of wondering who her father was. All her life she thought her father was dead, but he’s "very much alive."

Deacon can’t believe it was a drug overdose. Hollis asks if it was a mistake. Finn thinks it was a pretty textbook case and he feels bad because they were all getting close. "Drugs took that all away," Finn says. He asks if Deacon knew whether he was using drugs and Deacon says he was in recovery and he doesn’t know why he’d be using again. 

Bill ends a phone call and asks Poppy what the problem is so he can fix it. Poppy says he’s been wonderful. She’d spent so long wondering what would happen if Luna knew her father and in a way, it’s like her old life is gone. Bill points out that it’s all for the better now. Poppy asks if he has to rush to the office and he says he can spare a few minutes. She strips off her robe and tells him she wants to show him what life with him means to her. Cue the steamy music. 

Luna admits she almost gave up hope of finding out. Zende asks why her mom waited to tell her about Bill even after she started dating him. But Luna understands it and she’s glad that they bonded so soon. She tells Zende that Bill wants to adopt her and he’s very glad she’s getting all of the things she deserves. 

Luna (Lisa Yamada) smiles in The Bold and the Beautiful

Lisa Yamada in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Finn says that relapses happen, but Deacon can’t believe that it’s true because Tom swore that he’d kicked the habit. It doesn’t seem like him at all. Hollis agrees, noting that Tom never seemed high. Finn says addicts can be like that, but Deacon says that Tom was trying to look forward and make plans in his life. "He said he was trying to reclaim his life. It doesn’t make sense he’d start using again."

Bill and Poppy cuddle on the couch, where Bill says he might have to call the office and cancel his meetings. When his phone beeps, he sees that it’s a news alert about Tom. Poppy asks what happened to him, and Bill says he died after his performance. Poppy asks what happened, and she’s shocked when Bill says he died of a drug overdose, right on stage. 

Deacon refuses to make any assumptions about Tom until the final toxicology report comes out. Finn says the preliminary report is enough. Deacon says no one ever throws away second chances, like Sheila (Kimberlin Brown). Finn quickly says that he’s not there to talk about Sheila because he has to honor his wife’s wishes. Finn asks if they know about Tom’s family but they have no idea. 

Bill can’t believe the news and he feels terrible that Tom’s family will have to deal with his loss. He feels blessed to have Poppy and Luna in his life. Poppy admits they struggled for a long time but she did her best to raise Luna in a safe place, and now all her dreams have come true. Bill vows that he’ll always take care of Poppy and Luna. He says Poppy did such a great job with her and now Luna can depend on him, too. She kisses him and leans into his embrace, but her eyes tear up as she looks at the article about Tom. 

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