The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 27, 2024: Luna wants answers

Luna (Lisa Yamada) and Poppy (Romy Park) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Lisa Yamada and Romy Park in The Bold and the Beautfiul (Image credit: CBS)

Bill gets protective of his family while Ridge presses Thomas about his engagement in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 27, 2024.  

We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) reminds Hope (Annika Noelle) that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) is with Paris (Diamond White) now, so she needs to leave Thomas alone and respect his wishes. 

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) is very happy that Paris is with Thomas, but he's still trying to process it all. Thomas walks in and hugs his father, apologizing for not saying anything sooner. But Ridge wants to know why he kept such a big secret. 

Luna (Lisa Yamada) asks Poppy (Romy Park) why she's not eating. She's been distracted since the pizza guy showed up. Bill (Don Diamont) walks in, and picking up a weird vibe in the room asks what he missed. 

Tom (Clint Howard) is doing a sound check when Deacon (Sena Kanan) walks in. He promises the place will be ready when the guests arrive. Tom is thrilled, noting that it's better than playing in an alley. 

Bill asks what's going on. Poppy tells him a pizza arrived but she wasn't expecting it. Bill isn't happy that the pizza guy was able to walk through security and get to their house. Poppy doesn't want it to be a big deal, but this is a huge deal for Bill, who is protective of his family. 

Tom gives Deacon a preview of his playing and Deacon knows people will love him. Tom says he used to play in bars and festivals. "Music is in my blood," he says. 

Ridge just wants to know why Thomas didn't feel like he could talk to him about being engaged. He's upset that Steffy knew and he didn't. Thomas admits he's messed up relationships in the past, but he’s very sure about Paris. 

Hope tells Steffy she's worried about Thomas, too. He was just engaged to Hope and now he's engaged to Paris. She doesn't understand why Steffy isn't as worried about it. 

Bill finishes the pizza and admits that Deacon knows how to get pizza right. He gets a message from Liam and has to take it. Luna discovers a flyer for Tom's performance, noting it would be fun to go listen to live music. 

Hollis (Hollis. W. Chambers) asks about Tom's past. He says that one of his songs ended up on the radio, promising that they might hear it. 

"Surprise," Thomas says to Ridge after Paris leaves. Ridge is indeed surprised, but he's happy that Douglas (Henry Samiri) is happy with her. Ridge likes Paris and he's happy his son found love. His concern is that Thomas is engaged. If Thomas is happy, then he's happy. But why is he engaged after all he went through with Hope?

Hope reminds Steffy that she was engaged to Thomas. Steffy reminds her that she turned him down, twice. Hope thinks the engagement is "reactionary" and doesn't understand why Steffy doesn't see it that way, too. 

Tom (Clint Howard) looks concerned in The Bold and the Beautiful

Clint Howard in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Luna tells her mother they should go see Tom's performance. When Bill returns, Luna asks if he sings. Poppy thinks they should stay in and listen to Bill's singing. Luna loves how easily they have become a family, but she doesn't understand why she kept the secret so long. 

Hollis asks Tom about being a rock star. Tom says watching the crowd moving was powerful. Hollis asks about groupies and Tom says there were women who loved him. Deacon says maybe Tom can get a taste of it again after his performance. 

Thomas says Paris and Douglas get along so well, and there was a "spark" when he used to live with Paris in the past. He credits Paris for bringing him back from the brink when he first arrived in France. Ridge wants to know if Thomas actually loves her. 

Hope wants to know if Steffy really thinks the engagement is a good idea. Steffy thinks Thomas is a grown man and he can make his own decisions. Steffy is more concerned that Hope is now trying to get him back, saying she can see right through Hope's fake concern. 

Bill tells Luna he understands what she is feeling, but her mother was protecting her. Luna wonders if there's another reason why she didn't want to tell Luna the truth sooner. 

Thomas asks Ridge if he thinks he would use Paris to get over Hope. Ridge says if it's true, it's a terrible reason to marry someone. Thomas tells his father he finally let go of Hope and that's when he saw Paris right in front of him. He always told Hope he was a one-woman man, and when Hope rejected his proposals it sent him to France so that when he was ready to let go of Hope, Paris was there. "Paris is the woman I want to be with, and I'm going to marry her," Thomas says. 

Steffy calls Hope "wild." Hope says that dating would be fine, but an engagement is a whole other thing. She worries about Douglas and his well-being. When Hope realizes Steffy knew about Paris and Thomas this whole time, she's furious. Steffy says he's finally with someone who appreciates him, someone who isn't wearing his engagement ring around her neck. Hope accuses her of wanting her brother to be with anyone but her. Suddenly, everything makes sense to Hope. 

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