The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 25, 2024: Ridge learns about Thomas

Thomas (Matthew Atkinson), Douglas (Henry Samiri) and Paris (Diamond White) in The Bold and the Beautiful
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Hope demands an explanation in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 24, 2024.  

We begin today at Forrester Creations, where Hope (Annika Noelle) is stunned that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) and Paris (Diamond White) are engaged. Douglas (Henry Samiri) wonders if he said something wrong, but Thomas assures him he’s fine. Hope is in shock that he proposed to Paris Buckingham, but Thomas says that’s exactly what he did and that’s why he’s back. 

In the design office, Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) tells her father that it’s “commendable” that Hope has been so optimistic about Hope for the Future, but Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) truly believes that it’s possible to turn the line around. Steffy begrudgingly agrees with her father and says she’s not going to fight him on the issue, but she points out that the line hasn’t been the same since Thomas left. Ridge agrees with Steffy about how the line isn’t the same, but he says that doesn’t mean it can’t be the same with Zende and RJ — particularly Zende, given his experience. Steffy reminds her father that Hope’s in charge and her judgement has been “iffy” lately. “Hope is losing it,” Steffy continues. She’s been going downhill ever since Thomas left.

Thomas knows Hope is shocked, and Paris reminds him that they’ve been keeping their relationship under wraps. Hope wants to know how it happened. Paris explains that she’s been working at Forrester International, and Thomas explains that they started hanging out and the rest is history. Douglas sees that Hope is upset and he rushes to reassure her. Paris suggests that they give Hope and Thomas some space. “Wow,” Hope says when they’re gone. She can’t believe she misread everything so much. She thought they were back so that they could start their lives over again. But she was so wrong. 

Steffy says that Hope never knew how much she could hurt Thomas, especially knowing that she wasn’t going to marry him. Ridge doesn’t agree with her, noting that they’ve been fighting a lot lately. Steffy doesn’t think any of it is her fault, blaming Hope for all of it and Thomas agrees with her. This is news to Ridge, who didn’t know they’d been talking. She finishes saying how Paris (as in France) has been good to Thomas when Douglas runs in, catching them both off guard. Douglas says he’s there to visit and that they’re there to surprise him with his fiance. “They’re engaged?” Steffy wonders. Ridge is completely confused. Paris walks in and greets Steffy as Ridge tries to understand what’s happening.

Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Annika Noelle in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Thomas was hoping to explain everything to Hope when he got there, but Douglas was so excited that he jumped the gun. He’s engaged to Paris because she’s an “incredible woman,” but Hope points out that he was engaged to Paris’ sister and, very recently, to Hope. Thomas says he had to throw away his past and focus on Paris, who wants to be his wife. Hope tearfully admits she wasn’t ready to be married, and Thomas knows this.  But Hope gave him no choice, and so he’s had to move on. 

Douglas feels terrible that he gave away the big secret, but Paris tells him it’s ok. Ridge, still furious about being in the dark, is glad that he finally knows what’s going on. Douglas tells his grandfather that Thomas’ love for Paris is real, and he’s glad his father is happy. “Dad loves her a lot,” Douglas tells them. Paris suggests that Douglas goes off to find Charlie the security guard while she talks to Steffy and Ridge. Steffy tells her father it wasn’t her place to say anything to him about their relationship. Ridge asks how long they’ve been together and Paris says that they reconnected shortly after he got there. Paris says that their priorities are aligned; when they got to the city she noticed that they were missing the spark she knew. Over time, they found the spark and now they have a bond. 

Hope knows that she let Thomas down and it hurt him. She says she never stopped loving her, and she never wanted him to leave. Thomas says he had to leave, but she says he didn’t have to leave. She reminds him that she needed time, but now he shows up and he’s engaged. He swears that he hasn’t forgotten their time together. She wants to know how he can move on together. Thomas says he and Paris have something special. Hope can’t be happy about it and he doesn’t expect her to be, rather he just needed her to know what was happening. She’s completely devastated about the news. He was a one-woman man, she says, and now that woman isn’t her. Hope asks if he’s sure that he loves her, but he doesn’t answer right away. 

Ridge admits that this is a lot to take in. Even Steffy, who knew they were dating, is surprised that they’re engaged. Paris explains that Thomas is talking to Hope after Douglas ran in to see her. Paris shows off her ring and Ridge calls it a “statement.” Steffy asks if it’s wise to leave Thomas with Hope, but Paris says she believes in Thomas’ love for her and he’s over Hope for good. 

Hope presses Thomas to say that he loves Paris. “I asked her to marry me,” he reminds her. He never says it. He hates seeing Hope upset, but Hope turned him down twice. She says that nothing will ever be what they shared because they had something special. Hope reminds him of their time in Rome. “It wasn’t just a temporary thing,” she cries. “We created something beautiful.” Everything tried to break them apart and they could have such a bright future if he chose a different path. “We can still have it,” she says. She tearfully begs him not to go through with it.

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