The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 28, 2024: Tom's bombshell

Poppy (Romy Park) looks over her shoulder in The Bold and the Beautiful
Romy Park in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Thomas admits he still has feelings for Hope while Poppy confronts her decision not to tell Luna about her father in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for June 28, 2024.  

We wrap up the week with Hope (Annika Noelle) asking Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) if she truly believes that Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) has feelings for Paris (Diamond White). When Steffy says Paris wants to marry him, Hope realizes all Steffy wants is for her brother to be with anyone other than her. 

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) asks Thomas if this is a rebound relationship. He asks his son if he has feelings for Hope, and he admits he does. But Thomas also says he wants a woman who will commit to him and that's Paris, not Hope. 

Luna (Lisa Yamada) would understand if Poppy (Romy Park) didn't tell her if there was something wrong with her father, but Bill (Don Diamont) is a good role model. She wants to know if there's more to the story. 

Sheila (Kimberlin Brown) checks in with Tom (Clint Howard) as he finishes the sound check. She's hoping a good crowd shows up. Tom says he wouldn't mind a face or two "popping up" from the past. Hmm… like Poppy? Deacon (Sean Kanan) says he should have had security to keep the women from rushing the stage at Tom, who jokes he used to be a "casanova" back in the day. Deacon tells him to do his thing, and maybe he'll get lucky tonight. 

Poppy thought she was doing the right thing by raising her daughter on her own, but she admits she was depriving her. Luna forgives her, saying all that matters is she knows who her father is now. Poppy is thrilled to see her daughter reunited with her father, but there's something else going on in her mind.

Thomas says leaving LA led him to France, where he saw Paris was there for him. Ridge asks how Hope received the news? Thomas admits she was blindsided. 

Steffy says Hope is trying to play the "Logan Card" but she refuses to allow her to get into Thomas' head. 

Thomas studies a photo of Hope and her mother, admitting he shouldn't have waited to tell Hope about his decision. Unfortunately, by waiting so long Hope thought he was there to rekindle his relationship. Ridge says that's not going to happen... right?

Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) in The Bold and the Beautiful

Thorsten Kaye in The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Hope presses Steffy, saying the engagement is happening "way too fast." That's why she's concerned. 

Tom thanks Deacon for giving him a chance to do this performance, telling him he has "no idea" what it means for him. 

Luna studies the photos of Bill's family on the mantle while Poppy tells Bill she had been so afraid of Bill rejecting them. "You've literally changed our lives," she tells them. Bill says he'd like to do more than talk. He wants to introduce them to his family. He knows the two women have a strong bond, but he wants Luna to become a Spencer, and he'd like to adopt Luna and make it official since his name isn't on her birth certificate. They're both shocked. He's absolutely serious, because he wants to be her father in all ways. Poppy can't believe it; she's never been more connected or more in love with a man than she does now. She likes how "Luna Spencer" sounds. Poppy looks at the pizza box and sees Tom's flyer there. She quickly suggests Luna and Bill have some father-daughter time so that she can sneak out. 

Luna can't believe Bill wants to make her his daughter officially. He tells her the Spencers have a "decent" history in mass media and he promises her that there's always a place for her in the family business. 

Tom thanks Hollis (Hollis W. Chambers) for taking him under his wing. Hollis wants to see him succeed, as does Deacon, who offers his apartment as a place to relax before the show. Tom says he's turned his life around and he's going to give his all on the stage. Poppy arrives, and when she hears Tom talking about his future she starts listening in. Tom decides to use the apartment, so she heads in that direction. 

Ridge is happy if Thomas is happy. But he wants his son to be sure. Thomas says he wants to be with someone who wants the same things he does, like another child. Ridge is surprised by this news. Thomas needs to go find Douglas, so he leaves his father to ponder everything. 

Steffy wants Thomas to be happy. She agrees the engagement is quick but if Thomas is happy, that's all that matters. Hope believes all Steffy wants is for Hope to have no place in Thomas' life. When Thomas walks in, he asks if everything is ok. Steffy tells him to come in because he "needs to hear this."

Luna tells Bill that when she used to dream about her father's identity, she used to wonder if he's a baseball player or chef. She never could have imagined who it would be and she's so happy for it. 

Tom is practicing when there's a knock at the door. Poppy bursts in and says she's putting him on notice. She tells him to stay away from the Spencer house and her daughter. Tom says Luna is his daughter. They both know the truth. 

Steffy says that Hope's mother ran through their family and now Hope is doing the same thing. Thomas tries to tell her to stop but she won't. She's trying to keep Hope from destroying everything. Thomas is happy and Hope shouldn't ruin it. Steffy tells Thomas not to listen to Hope; he's engaged to a woman who loves him and they can live a stable life. "Don't even think about Hope again," Steffy tells him. 

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