What chaos will the 'WandaVision' finale bring?

What will the Hex bring us in WandaVision's finale?
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This post contains spoilers for WandaVision.

It's Thursday! It's almost here! One last episode of WandaVision before things wrap up and we head on into The Falcon and the Winter Soldier territory. We're not ready to let our girls go quite yet though. So, Steph and Amelia teamed up to share their hopes and dreams both big and small for the upcoming finale of what has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe's best conversation on grief yet.

Some of their theories are big, because huge, wild speculation has been a significant part of the fun in this little week-to-week adventure. Others are smaller. Why? Well, sometimes the littlest hopes have the biggest payoffs. Let the WandaVision finale wishlist begin! 

Let's Flash-Forward to Billy's Wedding — Amelia

We all know that queer representation in the MCU (and Disney as a whole) is pretty much abysmal. That being said, our young Billy Maximoff is canonically gay. I want little Julian Hilliard on screen always (because what an absolute doll), but I think it’d be neat to give Wanda a flash forward of what their lives can be — whether used maliciously or not — and get a glimpse of Billy’s wedding. Hell, it’d even be an opportunity for Marvel to kind of meet in the middle. "Look! This character will be gay. But we're not showing it right now." Because they probably won’t be ready to show a gay relationship ‘till Hilliard is grown anyhow. 

Billy Maximoff's wedding.

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Is Monica Still Friends with the Baby Skrull? We Need Answers! — Steph

I know we all want the aerospace engineer Monica was all smiles about to be someone like Reed Richards or Dr. Adam Bernard Brashear, aka Blue Marvel, but I’m kind of okay if that’s not the case. Let me be clear, I want both of them to appear in the MCU. However, I’d love it if the engineer is the young Skrull from Captain Marvel. I just think it’s an excellent opportunity further to establish the budding friendship between them and young Monica. Plus, there is nothing to lose by making them a character you want to care about and get to know. 

Out Tyler Hayward As Scum So We Can Get the Beatdown We Deserve — Amelia

Listen. The second we met Tyler Hayward I ran off and started writing this article. I’ve known this guy was a creep from the beginning — largely thanks to his last name — and I have been proven right at every turn. We all know we can’t trust middle aged white men in the MCU! 

There have been questions as to whether or not Hayward is “big evil” or just “regular evil” but, so far as Monica and Wanda are concerned, I don’t think the distinction matters much. We also know that the season’s commercials have been actively relevant to the plot as a whole. Given all the H.Y.D.R.A tie ins, it seems logical to assume that we’re not done with the series’ twists and turns just yet. Hayward doesn’t strike me as the guy with the ideas. He seems way more like the smarmy dude with the access card than anything. The second Maria Rambeau was out of the picture, he had the opportunity to swoop in and change S.W.O.R.D’s mission from defense to offense. It’s time to see who’s calling the shots.

Randall Park as Jimmy Woo in 'WandaVision.'

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Jimmy Woo, Something, Something... — Steph

Yes, Jimmy Woo something something is not a typo or a placeholder for thoughts I haven’t written yet. I don’t know exactly what I want to happen with Jimmy Woo in the finale. I just know I want it to be something good. He deserves. I literally want him in all the things and for his card trick to keep improving. Jimmy has shown repeatedly throughout WandaVision that he is the coworker you miss when he goes on vacation, and you mourn when he puts in his two-weeks notice. I mean, I wouldn’t be mad at all if Jimmy steps into Hayward’s place after he is ousted from S.W.O.R.D. Woo can definitely do his job with actual integrity. I mention Jimmy taking his place because I feel Monica is going to be busy doing some other things. 

Give Darcy Lewis Her Moment! — Amelia

Darcy Lewis deserves some kind of moment before this is all said and done. She’s been kicking it sidekick style for some time now. I’d love to see her nudged forward in some kind of way that results in a more involved role when her girl Jane becomes Thor when Love and Thunder comes around. 

Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings).

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Out "Fietro" as Nicolas Scratch Already — Steph

I want the Señor Scratchy or “Fietro” to be Agatha’s son Nicholas Scratch so badly. He appears in the comics during her time with the Fantastic Four as Franklin Richard’s caretaker. I know it’s a long shot but just hear me out for a moment. For one, Nicholas and Agatha have a bit of a rough mother/son relationship. Like he tried to offer up his mother as a sacrifice to the people of New Salem so that he could become all-powerful and wreak havoc on the world of men. That did not go as planned, and as punishment, Agatha allowed him to be banished to a realm of nothingness by the New Salemites, who he tried to take advantage of by lying on his mother. Then, Mr. Scratch possessed little Franklin Richard in an attempt to make his way back home, and Agatha had to strip him of his power. Agatha’s broken relationship with her son is probably one of the few times she showed her emotions. The way things have played out on WandaVision, she could use some sympathetic PR. Not that all of this would be revealed in the finale, but his introduction could at the very least lay the groundwork for Agatha’s appearance in a future MCU Fantastic Four movies, and better yet, a chance at some redemption for choking Wanda’s kids in the middle of the street.  

Honestly, I Just Want Monica and Wanda To Have Something Nice — Amelia

I know pain and trauma are taken more seriously than happy endings, but these women have officially been Through It. Wanda Maximoff has had nothing but despair for nearly her whole life, while Monica Rambeau has just experienced two unbearable — one inexplicable — trauma events back to back. I’m not saying I want them to be holding hands and skipping off into the distance. No, WandaVision has been the MCU’s first successful handling of grief in its tenure. But an ending that signals some kind of hope for these two remarkable women would be ideal. 

Monica (Teyonah Parris) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) inside the Hex.

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Monica and Wanda Team-Up When? — Steph

Let me first say I only want this team up after Monica knocks Wanda on her behind right quick because miss hex mamas has been talking real crazy out the side of her neck. After we get that out the way, I’m down to see them team up because it would be pretty epic to see on-screen. Monica and Wanda go way back in their comics history. They have a pretty solid working relationship and friendship. We don’t exactly know how Monica’s powers work in the MCU, but if they're close enough to the comics, then maybe Monica can merge with Wanda via energy and take the Hex barrier down. Something tells me Wanda will have a problem with doing that on her own in the finale. 

Alright, So Who's the Big Cameo?

Steph: IMMORTUS! Because then we kind of have a two for one because at one point Immortus was Kang the Conqueror.

Amelia: To be honest, I don’t really know if I have a preference on who it is. All of the cool, grand ideas have been fun to speculate on, but I think I ultimately just want to hear them say the word “mutant.” Our X-Babies are in the wings. Let’s bring ‘em home. 

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