Who plays Chlo Charles in Waterloo Road and what else has she been in?

Katie Griffiths as Chlo Charles in Waterloo Road Season 11
Chlo Charles is back in the new reboot of Waterloo Road. (Image credit: BBC/Wall To Wall/Rope Ladder Fiction/David Gennard)

Chlo Charles is arguably one of Waterloo Road's most well-known characters, especially from the earlier seasons of the hit British school drama. 

Originally one of the many troublesome teens to walk the halls of Waterloo Road School, Chlo has now come full circle and is one of the characters set to make a return to the show in Waterloo Road season 11 along with her husband Donte (played by Emmerdale favourite Adam Thomas) and the latest headteacher and former head of pastoral care, Kim Campbell (Coronation Street star, Angela Griffin).

If you're looking to learn who plays Chlo or you're looking to refresh your memory of what she got up to as a pupil of Waterloo Road in the original show—which is still one of the best BBC dramas around—read on to find out more about the returning star.

Who plays Chlo Charles?

Chlo and Donte hugging in Waterloo Road

Chlo and Donte in the early days of Waterloo Road. (Image credit: BBC)

Chlo Charles is played by Katie Griffiths. Katie nabbed the role after having joined Stage 84, the Yorkshire School of Performing Arts, at just 12 years old. 

The character appeared in the first four seasons of the original run (from 2006-2009) and appeared in a total of 58 episodes, including the pilot episode (you can find out more about some of her storylines from the original run below). 

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Who is Chlo Charles?

Chlo Charles (née Grainger) was the daughter of Izzie Redpath (Jill Halfpenny) and attended the school alongside her sister, Mika (played by Lauren Drummond).

Most of the drama around Chlo came from her relationship with her then-boyfriend, Donte, one of the school's original bad boys. The pair were involved in a serious car crash in the first series which led to the death of one of their friends and saw Donte being handed a suspended prison sentence. 

Following the death of her mother and moving in with teacher Tom Clarkson (Jason Done), Chlo rushed to tie the knot with Donte and the pair started a new life together, eventually leading to the pair having a daughter together and moving away once they'd finished school, leaving the show.

Some of Chlo's other memorable moments include driving a wedge between her and her sister after a romantic encounter with her sister's boyfriend, Brett Aspinall (Tom Payne), and being rescued from the school bathroom by Tom and Donte after a large fire broke out in the school in series three. 

Chlo and Donte Charles alongside their closest friends on their wedding day in Waterloo Road

Donte and Chlo on their hastily arranged wedding day. (Image credit: BBC)

Where else have you seen Katie Griffiths before? 

Katie Griffiths is arguably best known for being Chlo, but that doesn't mean she hasn't appeared in other projects! 

Readers might also recognize the star as Glenda in the Only Fools & Horses prequel series, Rock & Chips or for playing Suzy in Prime Suspect 1973. Katie's also made multiple appearances in shows such as Father Brown, Hatfields & McCoys and Paradox, soaps like Doctors and Casualty and she also played Alice in Mark Haddon's 2007 movie, Coming Down the Mountain

She also told The Telegraph & Argus that she was up for the role of Cinderella in Disney's Into the Woods, a part which ultimately went to Pitch Perfect star, Anna Kendrick. 

Waterloo Road season 11 is now airing Tuesdays at 8 pm on BBC One. All seven episodes of the new series are also available to stream as a box set on BBC iPlayer.

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