Who plays Freddie in EastEnders? Everything you need to know

Bobby Brazier as Freddy Slater
Who plays Freddie in EastEnders? (Image credit: BBC)

After last being seen on the Square in 2006 as a baby, 18-year-old Freddie Slater made his explosive entrance on EastEnders to reconnect with his 'father' Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick).

He is the son of Little Mo Slater (Kacey Ainsworth) and grew up believing that his mum's ex-husband Billy was his father. 

However, the heartbreaking truth is that his biological dad is actually the evil Queen Vic punter Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney), who raped Little Mo in 2003.

Billy soon confessed that he wasn't Freddie's dad, but the kind-hearted yet mischievous teen is yet to discover the truth about who his real father is.

He's since settled into his new life with the Slater clan. So who plays the much-loved Freddie in EastEnders?

Freddie Slater leaning on the Queen Vic bar drinking with a bottle of beer in his hand

Freddie was brought up thinking that Billy Mitchell was his dad. (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Who plays Freddie in EastEnders? 

Freddie is played by Bobby Brazier, the son of the late TV star Jade Goody, who shot to stardom after appearing on the third series of Big Brother and sadly lost her life to cervical cancer in 2009.

His dad, Jeff Brazier is a TV presenter who has appeared on Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins, Shipwrecked, The Farm and is often seen in the Postcode Lottery advert.

Prior to landing his first acting role in EastEnders, Bobby modeled in Milan, Paris and London Fashion Week for the likes of Dolce & Gabanna and Tommy Hilfiger. 

Jade Goody

Bobby is the son of the late TV legend Jade Goody. (Image credit: Getty)

Despite not having any previous acting experience, EastEnders' executive producer Chris Clenshaw revealed that he thought Bobby was perfect for the soap before even meeting him and invited Bobby to audition after seeing his social media posts.

He told us: "We’re always looking for new talent. I saw Bobby’s social media and we were already conceiving Freddie and building his character, and there was some of what I saw in Bobby that I thought would be perfect for Freddie — his energy, his twinkle, his spiritual side. 

“So then we brought Bobby in to audition, along with some others, and he just blew us away with his performance. He is Freddie Slater.”

Who is Freddie's mum?

Little Mo Slater

Freddie's mum is Little Mo Slater. (Image credit: BBC)

Freddie's mum is Little Mo Slater, the daughter of Charlie Slater (Derek Martin) and Kat Slater's sister (Jessie Wallace).

Little Mo was a lot more timid compared to her fiery Slater siblings when she arrived with the rest of her family in 2000. She left the Square in 2006 as her husband Billy admitted he couldn't look after her son Freddie after finding out he was the child of Little Mo's rapist Graham.

Who attacked Little Mo in EastEnders?

A terrified Little Mo Slater and Graham Foster at the Vic

Little Mo was attacked by evil Graham Foster. (Image credit: BBC)

Poor Little Mo had a devastating time during her six years on the Square. In 2000, she suffered horrendous violence at the hands of her abusive husband Trevor Morgan (Alex Ferns). 

He constantly attacked, humiliated and abused Little Mo to the point where he sexually assaulted her and then attempted to do so again on New Year's Eve 2001. Little Mo hit Trevor with an iron in self-defence that night, but Trevor reported her to the police and had her wrongfully imprisoned for the attack.

His reign of terror came to an end in 2002, when he was killed in a house fire he had started after taking Little Mo and his son Sean hostage.

Little Mo also experienced horrific abuse by punter Graham Foster, who raped her at the pub after she turned down his advances. This eventually led to the birth of her son Freddie. Graham was arrested for rape and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Freddie Slater and Jean Slater drinking at the Vic.

Freddie shares a close bond with Jean Slater. (Image credit: BBC)

Since returning to the Square, he has formed a close relationship with his family after reconnecting with the Slaters.

In particular, he has formed a tight bond with matriarch Jean Slater (Gillian Wright), who he lovingly calls 'nan' and has often confided in over his troubles.

Although he refers to her as his 'nan,' Jean is actually Freddie's great aunt as she was married to Little Mo's cousin, Brian Slater.

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