Who plays Selwyn's daughter in Death in Paradise?

Commissioner Selwyn (Don Warrington) and Andrina Harper (Genesis Lynea) hugging for Death in Paradise
Selwyn and his daughter are about to make contact for the first time in this week's Death in Paradise. (Image credit: BBC / Red Panet Pictures / Denis Guyenon)

Who plays Commissioner Selwyn's daughter in Death in Paradise? Here's which actor plays Selwyn's long-lost child as the pair prepare to meet for the first time ever in Death in Paradise season 12.

Death in Paradise's Commissioner Selwyn Patterson (Don Warrington) first learned of Andrina's existence back in the season 11 series finale. During an ongoing investigation, Selwyn crossed paths with Maggie Harper, his ex-wife. 

The pair seemed to hit it off for a little while, but when she started to pull back, he asked what was going on, prompting Maggie to reveal their now-adult child, Andrina Harper.

Although she hadn't been seen in the series just yet, thanks to the teaser for season 12, episode 5, we know that the pair will be crossing paths for the first time. Here's who will be playing Andrina just in time for their Death in Paradise reunion on Friday, February 3. 

Who plays Andrina Harper in Death in Paradise? Where else have you seen her?

Andrina Harper is portrayed by Genesis Lynea. We don't have too many details about their meeting right now, but at least know how Selwyn Patterson is feeling ahead of their first meeting. 

Speaking to the Radio Times, Don Warrington has teased that his character's definitely struggling to come to terms with the whole situation. He said: "He is conflicted, [by] the fact that he doesn't know her. They've never met... and he has a life and it's difficult in that situation."

Previously, you might have seen Genesis Lynea in Silent Witness, where she played forensic ecologist, Dr. Simone Tyler. Dr. Simone was first brought in by Nikki (Emilia Fox) to assist in season 24. Whilst she went on to play a key role in the show's 25th anniversary, Genesis Lynea's character didn't return for Silent Witness series 26, as her character decided to head to Trinidad to become an auntie to her late sister's children.

Genesis Lynea as Dr Simone Tyler in Silent Witness

Genesis Lynea as Simone Tyler. (Image credit: BBC Studios/Dan Kennedy)

Outside of Death in Paradise and Silent Witness, Genesis Lynea has also featured in 4 O'Clock Club, Shadow and Bone, A Discovery of Witches, and The Baby. Genesis Lynea also spent some time playing Archie Hudson in Casualty.

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