Amy Robbins joins Hollyoaks as heartbroken Scott’s mum, Lynette who has ‘life-changing news’


Scott Drinkwell is always in need of someone to fight his corner – so he’ll be thrilled when his mum Lynette arrives in the village. But will his happiness last?

If ever anyone needed their mum right now it’s Scott Drinkwell…and he’s going to get her! Former The Royal star Amy Robbins will guest star in Hollyoaks as Scott’s mum, Lynette Drinkwell, who will soon arrive in the village to see her son and her sister, Diane O'Connor (Alex Fletcher).

Aside from her role in The Royal, Amy’s TV credits include: World's End, Casualty and Noah’s Ark. Amy has also appeared in successful films such as Killing Me Softly and All The Little Animals.

Speaking about her new role, Amy said: “It's great to be a part of the Hollyoaks family. I've been made to feel so welcome as the newest member of the Drinkwell clan. They're so lovely and such fun.”

Scott’s life hasn’t been fun lately… His big, soft heart is always getting battered but it has been completely shattered by the departure of John Paul McQueen (James Sutton).

John Paul was Scott’s first lover and he wanted him to be his last, but Scott (Ross Adams) lost him to James Nightingale (Gregory Finnegan).

So Scott could use his mum’s shoulder to cry on.

“Lynette wants to support her son following the recent heartbreak in his life,” our Hollyoaks source told us.

“When Scott has a few too many drinks, Lynette begins to worry about his behaviour – but she also brings with her some life-changing news…”

Which sounds like there’s more heartache on the horizon for Scott…

Lynette will first appear on screens in Hollyoaks on E4, Tuesday, March 21, 7.00pm and on C4, Wednesday, March 22, 6.30pm.