Danny Mac: ‘Dodger’s caught with the Roscoes' mum!’

Danny Mac reveals to Soaplife that Dodger’s in big trouble when the Roscoe boys catch him with their mum in Hollyoaks!

It’s been a while since Dodger got his top off, but now he’s back in Hollyoaks and ready to enjoy a steamy affair with Sandy Roscoe - who is more than 20 years his senior! "Dodger has always been keen to date the older women plus Sandy helps to take his mind off Texas," says Danny.

So is this new affair why we see Dodger running around Hollyoaks half-dressed?

"Yes. He’s been caught by the boys sleeping with Sandy and ends up getting chased all round the village topless, which is standard for Dodger, or at least it used to be before he got really sad. The director had us running everywhere and we were knackered by the end of it."

What attracted him to Sandy?

"She’s an attractive older woman who has a lot going for her. Also, she doesn’t need Dodger and she isn’t going to put a lot of pressure on him. He’s come back feeling a bit chirpy and he’s looking for a bit of fun."

How does Dodger feel about Sandy’s sons?

"I think he enjoys winding them up over Sandy. He plays it really cool and likes the fact that he has the upper hand, but they have a surprise in store for him."

What do they do?

"They bundle him into the back of a van, tied up and blindfolded, and tell him they’ve put him at the top of a cliff. He’s terrified. He doesn’t know them well enough to work out whether or not they’re telling the truth, so he has to play it safe."

Is Dodger ready to find love again?

"I don’t think so. Not so soon after Texas. Also, he has grown up and I don’t see him going back to the man who liked to flirt with all the girls. I think when you have loved and lost like Dodger has, you build up a wall and don’t trust women. That’s what can turn boys into love rats…"

And he’s still mourning Texas, isn’t he?

"Absolutely. He’s still cut up about what happened and is knocked for six when he finds out that his mum has admitted to killing her. He doesn’t believe it, but with her history he knows it could be true. The hardest thing for Dodger is the fact that Texas wasn’t his when she died."

So he doesn’t suspect Will?

"Why would he? Dodger’s ready to talk to Will and build bridges and doesn’t for a minute think he caused Texas’s death."