Grace Black's Hollyoaks hen do goes wrong


Tiara in place? Check. L-plate on display? Check. A bunch of rowdy mates ready to get stuck into a round of shots? Check. 

It's Grace's hen night in Hollyoaks and the bride-to-be is determined she's going to have a  top night. Her hens are definitely in a clucky mood as they start downing drinks and squawking like there's no tomorrow. 

However, the night gets off to a bad start when a sheepish Esther has a confession to make; she's forgotten to book the stripper! Oh, dear. Naughty Esther! What else is going to go wrong?

Trevor's never been the shy and retiring type and, following Esther's stripper mess-up, he's is only too happy to step on stage and become the fill-in act! The hens are whooping, but Grace isn't quite so pleased to see her hubby's pecs bared to all and sundry!


Sienna is feeling pressured when Ben tells her he wants them to try for a baby and makes a hasty escape from home and turns up at Grace's hen bash. 

When Trevor later spots her dashing off upset he follows her out of the club. How will he react when Sienna tells him she wants to leave Ben?


Despite the earlier setback, the evening comes together when Trevor foots the bill and forks out for The Dream Boys, who arrive to perform an energetic and raunchy strip routine. 

So, Grace has got The Dream Boys...will she have the dream wedding? Don't hold your breath! 

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