'Grace overhears Trevor saying he slept with Porsche' – Hollyoaks' Tamara Wall

Hollyoaks actress Tamara Wall reveals Grace makes Trevor take a lie detector test to prove his innocence…

What makes Grace think Trevor’s cheating on her?

"Porsche wants Trevor to lie and say they slept together to get Lockie back for sleeping with Diane. Grace doesn’t know this and she overhears Trevor threatening Lockie to keep quiet. He’s already tried it with Mercedes and now she thinks he’s at it again."

Does Grace love Trevor?

"Yes. Trevor, Esther and the coming baby are the only three people in the world who matter to Grace. If one of those disappeared, I think she would crack."

What happens when Grace accuses Trevor of sleeping with Porsche?

"He looks genuinely shocked and Grace half believes him when he says he didn’t do anything. But she hooks him up to a lie detector. At one point, Grace asks Trevor if her bum looks big in a certain pair of trousers, and when he says ‘No’ the machine suggests it’s a lie!"

Why does she buy a Chihuahua?

"Trevor is really OCD about his flat. Before Grace came along, it was nice and tidy. The Chihuahua is tiny, but it wees and poos all over the flat. Trevor’s mortified, but eventually he gets used to the dog and you see him walking around the village with it tucked under his arm… He even takes it for a manicure."

Is Grace angry with Porsche?

"Grace eventually believes that nothing has happened between Trevor and Porsche, but she’s not entirely sure what has gone on and she doesn’t like being kept in the dark."

Do you think surrogate mum Esther will hand over the baby she’s carrying for Grace and Trevor?

"Good question… Grace didn’t have a mum because she left her when she was a kid. Now she’s desperate to have this family unit. Her whole life has been focused on this new baby and if it doesn’t happen, she’ll be devastated."