Hollyoaks' James Sutton: ‘John Paul pays Trevor a lot of cash to kill Finn'

John Paul is not a happy newlywed… In fact, he’s having murderous thoughts, says HollyoaksJames Sutton...

How would you say married life is for John Paul?

“It was pretty positive until Ste’s HIV positive diagnosis came along and changed everything.”

What does the HIV mean for John Paul?

“Obviously, there’s a lot of worry. John Paul is terrified that something is going to happen to Ste [Kieron Richardson]. He needs to make sure he stays healthy and that he takes his medication. On an emotional level, the two of them are all over the place.”

What happens when Peri goes nuts at the school?

“Leela [Kirsty Leigh-Porter] brings the fire truck to school and Peri [Ruby O’Donnell] locks herself in and threatens to drive it into the building. John Paul manages to talk her down which impresses Patrick, who says there is a chance he could get his job back. He will have to be interviewed by the board of governors, but Patrick [Jeremy Sheffield] is really positive.”

Is it what John Paul wants?

“Teaching is his life; it’s all he wants to do. How he defines himself is as a teacher. He really wants to impress the governors and get his job back.”

Then Finn phones…

“And John Paul doesn’t know why. He assumes that Finn [Connor Wilkinson] wants to have control over him. He keeps ringing and John Paul gets really upset about it. He starts thinking about the rape and feeling panicky.”

Why does he decide to call on Trevor (Greg Wood)?

“John Paul isn’t a gangster, but he gets into a bit of a state and doesn’t know what else to do. He doesn’t want Finn in his life and tells Trevor to sort it. He pays him a lot of cash to do it. Trevor warns him that if he goes ahead, John Paul will feel bad for the rest of his life. He has to make a decision as to whether or not he wants Trevor to go through with it.”

Does John Paul get his job back?

“He’s about to go in for the interview, when Ste phones him… He has stolen a bag of drugs from Lockie [Nick Rhys]. Ste says, ‘I’ve got a big bag of drugs, I need your help’ and John Paul has to decide if he will sacrifice his career to save Ste from himself. That Ste needs shaking! It’s going to be good telly. The next few months are pretty traumatic for John Paul.”

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