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Hollyoaks' James: Will could be next Silas Bassett

Hollyoaks actor James Atherton has teased that his alter-ego Will Savage could be the next Silas Blissett.

As he plots to push Ash Kane (Holly Weston) over the cliff to her death, Will is on the verge of committing his second murder after bumping off Texas Longford (Bianca Hendrickse-Spendlove), which would put him into serial killer territory.

"Will's in self-preservation mode at the moment, which is when he's most dangerous. Murdering Texas was an accident, a crime of passion. Killing Ash would be a lot more sinister, because it's calculated - Will plans the whole thing," he told Inside Soap.

Likening his character to murderer Silas (played by Jeff Rawle), James continued: "He's on a slippery slope to becoming Silas!"

James hopes that Will can revert to his wallflower ways though. "Will's a great character to play because I'm constantly finding out new things about him. But it'd be nice to see him redeem himself somehow, and go back to his old bookish ways. I fear he's gone too far for that though!" the actor added.