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Hollyoaks: ‘Sienna having her brother’s baby is every kind of wrong,’ says Danny Mac

Hollyoaks star Danny Mac has said he couldn’t believe it when he discovered his character Dodger Savage had fathered a baby with his own twin.

The Channel 4 soap made the shock revelation that twins Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) and Dodger had had a one-night stand before they were introduced as siblings and didn’t recognise each other when they eventually met up as long lost family, years before they were reunited with daughter Nico (Persephone Swales-Dawson).

“It’s brave, it’s crazy and it’s weird. It’s all the things Hollyoaks is able to do and get away with. I had no idea this was on the cards,” says Danny.

“In terms of my character, it changes people’s perception of him. Sienna having Dodger’s baby is every kind of wrong you can think of.”

The actor added fans of the soap were equally confused…

“A lot of people just can’t believe it. Some of them are upset that Hollyoaks has done this to Dodger, while others love it and say it’s a massive plot twist they never saw coming.

“Then there are some who still believe that Sienna’s dad, Patrick [Jeremy Sheffield], is really Nico’s father. There’s been such a massive range of reactions from people, which is brilliant.”

Hollyoaks continues on C4 on Monday, September 22, 6.30pm.