Evil Jordan Price could MURDER a Hollyoaks legend to silence them for good

Hollyoaks Connor Calland

Could Hollyoaks village have another murder to deal with?

Hollyoaks (opens in new tab) fans could witness a shocking murder if Jordan Price (Connor Calland) gets his way.

Evil Jordan has roped Juliet Quinn (Niamh Blackshaw) and Sid Sumner (Billy Price) into dealing drugs on his behalf.

What started as a favour to Jordan has rapidly spiraled out of control, and he'll do anything to protect himself.

Tuesday's episode will see Juliet and Sid travelling out of town to deal drugs (opens in new tab), and they soon find themselves in big trouble.

Jordan Price Hollyoaks

Juliet and Sid are taking serious risks for Jordan...

Unfortunately for Juliet, grandmother Marnie Nightingale (Lysette Anthony) finds cash which viewers know belongs to Jordan.

In upcoming scenes, the teen is confronted by Marnie and James (Gregory Finnegan) over why she has so much money.

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Juliet denies dealing drugs, saying she'd never do it after what happened to her mother. But it's clear no one is buying her lies.

James and Marnie blame Sid as being responsible for the drug deal, but Jordan is aware that they're suspicious of Juliet.

As a result of this, Jordan Price threatens Juliet with Marnie's life in dramatic scenes.

Jordan tells her, "Your evil stepmother, granny, aunty, whatever she is... doesn't buy your story."

He adds, "If you don't shut her down, I'm going to have to shut her up. For good."

Juliet is left in shock after this threat, not knowing how she's going to cover up her drug dealings.

Hollyoaks has been exploring the county lines subject in an ongoing story, which sees Jordan Price grooming Juliet and others.

Hollyoaks actress Lysette Anthony has opened up about this difficult storyline... (opens in new tab)

She revealed, "Marnie has inherited a very troubled teen and Juliet is lashing out, but what Marnie doesn’t know is she’s lashing out because she loves Marnie more than anything, and wants to protect her.

"Whatever state their relationship is in, there is no way that Marnie will not march down to whatever depths to protect Juliet, so watch out.”

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